The Phantom Tollbooth
Acid Wash (EP) 
Artist: The Halo Friendlies 
Label: Jackson/Rubio Recordings 
Length: 5 tracks / 13:47 minutes 

While they do exist, women in punk rock are a rare phenomenon, and entirely-female bands are even more a rarity. That said, The Halo Friendlies, a four-girl punk rock group, are in relatively select company. Apart from this unique angle, the Friendlies' recent release, Acid Wash, shows that they can hold their own in a male-dominated genre.

This energetic five-song EP does a great job of displaying the diverse talents of the band.  With harmonies reminiscent of Juliana Hatfield, combined with the crunch and experimental edge of Sonic Youth, the Friendlies pull off a set of tracks that prove to be quite appealing. Because it is a short album, it's hard to choose any favorites; "Falling Away," followed by the title track, make for a good one-two punch, and the album ends on a noteworthy song, "Hush."

In the end, this album has a great indie sound and is generally a pretty good collection of tracks; one can only hope that they will release a full-length album soon.

Corey Welton (8/11/99)