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...like the dickens...
Artist: Lugnut
Label: Screaming Giant
Length:  17 tracks / 22:49 minutes

Espresso punk!  This is easily the fastest punk album I've ever heard.  You know how a tape sounds when you're dubbing onto another one at high peed?  This is close.  Every song's the same, with lyrics delivered a dozen to a breath.  It's like they were only given a half hour in the studio so they had to put the pedal to the metal. Somebody should have given them a speed limit.

The singer has that rubber-lipped spastic quality of Blaster the Rocketboy/man, but much faster. You can actually understand him every now and then, as he sings of hating school one second and living his life for Christ the next, but it's mostly a blur.  "Dub" adds a little humor to the whole affair (as if it wasn't already enough of a joke), as the lyric sheet trails off halfway through the song:  "sorry, but Steve forgot the third and fourth verse it was kinda an improv thing oh well."

This is the kind of punk that's only good for hyper 15 year olds to skate to, and not much else.  I like a lot of new and old school punk, and I'd almost rather play a power drill next to my ear than this.  The final track is a manic punk version of the modern worship chorus "I Love You Lord."  Somehow, it fails to arise any feelings of reverence or worship.  Imagine that.

Josh Spencer         10/18/99 


Josh Spencer, contributing senior associate editor for The Phantom Tollbooth for over two years, is also publisher and editor-in-chief of spiritual pop culture webzine Stranger Things.  Reviews and articles by him are usually simultaneously published in some form at


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