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Artist: Miss Angie
Label: Myrrh
Length: 10 tracks/31.30

Guitars are out, drum machines and synthesizers are in. Or so it appears when listening to the results of Miss Angie's second trip to the recording studio. Gone are the pop-alternative guitars, and in their place are plenty of abrasive yet infectious synthesizer sounds.

This album almost sounds like what might happen if Fleming and John collaborated with His Name Is Alive. There are plenty of loops and a variety of odd noises in the mix, Angie Thornton's vocals are often reminiscent of Fleming McWilliams, and "Getcha" could almost sit on His Name Is Alive's last album. Unfortunately this album lacks the avant-garde creativity that such a collaboration would doubtless produce.

Many of the songs threaten to reside in the listener's head for hours to come, but once the CD is ended, that threat lies unrealized. The average track length is barely over three minutes, so many of the ideas are not allowed to grow and develop as perhaps they might in a longer context. There is also a lack of variation as the album progresses, and the songs eventually drift into one another as the synthesizer style shows little sign of varying.

The lyrics too are a mixed bag. Mostly penned by Miss Angie, they mix imagery and thoughts to create a collage, but the overall success of this method varies. There are moments of clarity such as "Neater Cooler" ("give me something real/'cause nothing breaks me like the truth") and some fairly decent love songs, juxtaposed with some naive messages from other pieces.

Miss Angie and her co-writers have tried to produce a sound that is certainly distinctive within Christian music circles. Unfortunately the multitude of ideas contained in this album are not fully realized.

James Stewart  10/21/99


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