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Hot Rod Deluxe
Artist: Ruby Joe
Label: Sublime
Length: 12 Tracks/ 34:33 minutes

Fans of the Stray Cats, Rev. Horton Heat, The W's, This Train, or Big Bad Voo Doo Mama sit up and take notice. There's another rockabilly Christian swing band for your toe-tapping pleasure--Ruby Joe. The band was formed on Huntington Beach pier, in Ruby's diner in 1997 because of their common love for true rock and roll--50's style.

Hot Rod Deluxe is the band's second release.  The songs feature all the usual rockabilly lyrics like with some praise songs tossed in. Musically, the album is well-done with solid production behind it. However, while Ruby Joe will have you dancing around the jukebox, they lack the catchiness of some of The W's songs or the humor of This Train. Still, it's a fun album.

Shari Lloyd 10/30/99


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