World History
Artist: Mad at the World
Label: KMG Records
Time: 14 / 53:14
It's about time. I've been waiting for this album since 1988.  Now I must admit a huge bias here, I absolutely fell over backwards after hearing Mad at the World's self titled debut and was totally disappointed by their change in music styles on their next few albums, until Dreamland Café.  The first album was totally unlike any album in the Christian marketplace and only Tears for Fears came close in the general marketplace.  This album picks up where the first let off.
The songs on this album will be familiar to fans of Mad at the World because this is a best of album with a quirk, all the songs have been re-recorded. The cool thing is that it works and they picked good songs, which is unusual for most best of albums. The familiarity value of the songs is still present, yet there's that tinge of newness to each song.
Downplayed on this album are the heavy guitars, though some are still present, and brought to the forefront is the picturesque vocal flair of Roger Rose. How does a guy from Southern California get that "English" accent?   But it's that uniqueness of Rose's vocals and his thoughtful lyrics that have always allowed Mad at the World to stand out.  The songs point toward heaven, yet don't downplay the trails and happiness we go through on our time on earth.
You'd think that a step back to the band's older style would sound dated, but this album stays fresh and shakes some dust off the older songs.  Truths remain truth no matter what genre of music it is wrapped in.  If you're missing something distinctive to your music collection then I'd like to suggest this piece of world history as that missing link to early alternative Christian music.
 Discography (since it's a best of album):
1987  Mad at the World
1988 Flowers in the Rain
1990 Seasons of Love
1991 Boomerang
1992 Through the Forest
1993 The Ferris Wheel
1995 The Dreamland Café
By Sam Hagedorn