Dreams & Visions 
Artist: John Sellers 
Label: King and Bride Records, 1997 
Time: Time 11 tracks/ 47:06 

One of the most popular choruses sung in churches today is the song "You are Crowned." Written by John Sellers, it has made it's way into many a congregational psalter. With Dreams & Visions, Seller shares with us ten more of his songs of praise and worship. 
Musically, there are some real highlights here. Seller's piano playing is reminiscent of Keith Green and stands out throughout the entire project. Most notable are two instrumental pieces, the Prelude at the very beginning and the Interlude in the middle. These are beautiful pieces that allow the piano to really shine. Melissa Jones on background vocals, and lead vocals on "You are Crowned" and "Set Me Apart," is also a treat.  

The difficulty with this project arises primarily with the songs themselves. Much of this has a dated feel to it, reminding me of groups from the 80's such as Second Chapter of Acts. Since these are praise and worship songs, some repetition is expected, but there is far too much of  it here. Some of these songs seem to go on and on, and many of them sound the same. The exception to this is the beautiful chorus "Set Me Apart." 

        I sing praises from my heart to my King  
        To your altar my gifts I bring  
        I want to be yielded to Thee  
        After Your heart, Lord  
        Set me apart 
 This is a chorus I would like to add to those that we sing in my church. It has a lovely melody and lyrics that go straight to the heart of our relationship with God. The rest of the project, however, is not as interesting. I would like to see more variety in style and less repetition. There are moments here, but not enough to make this project stand out.  

By Janet Friesen  



Dreams & Visions is an indie praise and worship album by John Sellers. John Sellers is a singer/songwriter who has written numerous songs of praise and worship. He had a previous album released on Sparrow's Birdwing label, Let Praise Arise, and has had numerous songs published on various projects by Integrity Hosanna and Maranatha! Praise. Among the songs Sellers has written are, "Let God Arise," "You are Crowned with Many Crowns,"  "All the Earth Shall Worship You," "Come Into the Holy of Holies," and "You are My Dwelling Place."  This album continues in that vein.  The music is well-produced but doesn't cut into any new ground.  If you're looking for a nice middle of the road praise and worship album, this may be what you're looking for.  If you're looking for a follow-up to The Choir's At the Foot of the Cross, this probably isn't it, but it is very well done.    
By Shari Lloyd