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Artist: Katy Hudson
Label: Red Hill Records
Length: 10 Tracks

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Most 16-year old girls would love to hang out with the guy who arguably has the best hairstyle in the Newsboys.  Teenage females scream over Phil Joel's long blonde locks and uplifting voice.  Newcomer Katy Hudson shares a few things in common with the above scenario.  First of all, she's 16 year's old.  Second, she has long blonde hair.  Third, and most importantly, she will have the chance to open up for Phil Joel on his solo tour where she'll preview songs from her self-titled disc due out in March. 

Hudson seems to have jumped on the bandwagon of young vocalists wanting to branch out in the culture at large, influencing her peers with an eternal message. Although a mere pop lightweight, it's hard to ignore Hudson's sincerity and lyrical maturity.  Songs like the opening cut "Trust in Me" and "When There's Nothing Left" encourage listeners to surrender their cares to the Lord, a subject which faithful young and old alike are always struggling with. 

The song "Growing Pains" speaks of moving on in life from a child to a young woman, while speaking of the various pressures and emotions that correlate with that time period.  Although the song doesn't cover any ground that hasn't been passed over before, it does show Hudson's honesty and ability dip deep into her soul.

Although the disc features simple pop melodies, it is not that bubble gum style sported by Britney Spears, Zoe Girl, or Whisper Loud.  Instead, it falls into the category of slightly more mature artists like Rachael Lampa or Jaci Velasquez.  It looks like all of Hudson's hard work, from the time she sang in church services to school functions, has paid off.  Time will tell if she can continue her lyrical and musical development or be burnt out by one album wonder status. 

Andy Argyrakis  2/6/2001

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