greeneyesinlv Strong Stephanie Plum overtones.

Green Eyes in Las Vegas
Author: A. R. Winters
Kindle Book

This is the second of Tiffany Black mysteries series with strong Stephanie Plum overtones. The story starts with Tiffany witnessing a handsome, green-eyed man making a getaway from an art heist. After that, she finds her normally chaotic life becoming even more complicated as she become involved in investigating the heist. Tiffany also gets new case, her second case as she's a new PI, looking into a actress's murder. The cops just think it was a burglary gone wrong. Her friend thinks they are wrong and they don't know everything about the her. Also, it seems someone is always watching her. The book proceeds in the typical Plum fashion.  Funny, there seem to be a lot of these books lately.

This is a light-hearted mystery and a fast fun read. There are some bits of humor. The green-eyed man is present throughout the book. Like the Plum books, there are two potential romanic interests that will hopefully be developed in future books.

Shari Lloyd