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Gray Sabbath: Jesus People USA, The Evangelical Left, and the Evolution of Christian Rock
Author: Shawn David Young
315 pp.
Columbia University Press

Gray Sabbath presents an overview of the history of the Jesus People USA, from its beginnings to the present day. A bit academic in tone, it nonetheless depicts a group of Christians who were perhaps perceived as hippies attempting to create a commune of people who would truly live out the Bible’s teachings.

Like all manmade churches, the JPUSA had their share of controversy, and Young does not shy away from that, although he doesn’t delve that deeply into some of the more unsavory accusations. The book also probes into the onset of the Cornerstone Music Festival, both in terms of rise and fall, and ultimately, its demise in 2012.

This book is well researched, and posits the future of JPUSA even as its membership dwindles with a lack of second or third generation participants.  It would be fascinating to see another volume by Young in perhaps ten years, and seeing where JPUSA will be led.


Brian A. Smith