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Rust - The Novel
Author -Bernsen, Corbin
1738, Aztec, NM 87410, Pb. 198 pages, ISBN 978-1-61116-511-1, $15.99, Electronic 978-1-61116-510-4 $3.99. 2015.

Usually, it is---write the book first and then the screenplay. However, this time, actor/director/author Corbin Bernsen wrote the screenplay, filmed the movie, and now has the novel out. “Rust” is the story of a minister who doesn't feel he has it anymore, and leaves the pulpit. Mid-life crisis or what have you, this man has to come to terms with his own life.

Emmy Award winner Corbin Bernsen is known to many entertainment fans from his long time roles on “L. A. Law” and “Psych.” His late mother was actress Jeanne Cooper from “The Young and the Restless.” Bernsen now has his own theater company, Home Theater Films, from which he wrote and directed “25 Hill,” (2012), “3 Day Test” (2012), “Beyond The Heavens” (2013), “Christian Mingle” (2015) and now “Rust.”

“Rust” is the story of James Moore, who, at the beginning of the book, leaves his church and drives to his hometown to visit family and an old friend. The friend, Travis, is currently in jail and suspected of setting a fire that killed four people. Everyone in the town thinks he is guilty because Travis is special, and James was one of his close friends. While in his hometown, James visits another old friend, now the sheriff, who goes by the book and doesn't believe in friendship as far as prisoners is concerned. James’ father and he haven't gotten along since the mother died, and James sister, with her two children, has taken over the running of the family. James finds that leaving town to become a minister wasn't seen as the right thing to do, but rather betrayal. What to do?

The writing in “Rust” is descriptive and on the first page, brings the reader into the plot right away. Who is this man talking to and why? Then, with the closing of a door, we know, and follow James Monroe on this journey from faith and into a town that seems to have given up, too. If hope is there, someone must find it and who set fire to a house filled with people. You can picture this scenario in your mind. Page turner and a fast read, “Rust” shows us that God is there, but we have to do something, too. At the end of the book, are discussion questions for groups, plus space for personal notes.

I found “Rust” to be an interesting story of a minister, his family and how a fatal incident can make or break a town. At this point, I would usually say, “it would make a movie," and that's been done. Enjoy.

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