Many Ways To Pray

21 Days Of Breakthrough Prayer
by Jim Maxim with Cathy Maxim and Daniel Henderson
Whitaker House, 1030 Hunt Valley Circle, New Kensington, PA 15068. Pb., pp. 112, ISBN:978-1-64123-076-6, eBook ISBN 978-1-64123-077-3. 2018, Kindle $5.69, paperback $5.99. 

Have you ever felt that you, perhaps, didn’t really know how to pray? What to pray? When to pray? In this book, authors Jim Maxim with Cathy Maxim and Daniel Henderson, lead you through 21 days of learning how to pray, when to pray and answer questions you may have. By the end of 21 days---and that is only three short weeks, you will have an understanding of prayer and a deeper connection with faith. 

Each of the 21 days begins with comments from the authors, then a topic, such as “Day 2: What Is Prayer?” This is God’s time to communicate with us when we are calm and relaxed. As William Law says, “Prayer is the nearest approach to God, and the highest enjoyment of Him, that we are capable of in this life.” 

There is the example of two ships, one is fast and one is slow. The slower ship has few prayers because it is weighed down with concern, but the faster ship has heart felt prayers because they come from within. 

Chapter titles include “Jesus Prayer,” “The Secret Closet,” Prayer Is Our Weapon” and “Prayer With An Open Bible.” Anecdotes from the authors are included in each chapter to show the workings of prayer-------and------a bonus. At the end of each chapter, the reader can log onto to or to listen to the prayers for that day. You can read a chapter and listen to prayers from that chapter. 

The book, “21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer” is not only useful for the single reader or for groups, and would make a thoughtful gift item for someone in a hospital or at home recovering from illness. You can pray with them and they will have a comforting gift from you.  To quote Matthew 18:19-20, “…where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” 

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