30 Days for the Lord

Prayer, Peace and the Presence of God
by David Butts,
PrayerShop Publishing from Harvest Prayer Ministries, P. O. Box 10667, Terre Haute, IN 47601., Pb., pp. 88,
ISBN: 978-1-935012-80-1. 2017, Kindle $8.99, paperback $10.99.

What does it take to write a prayer book of 30 days with special comments on each day?  For Dr. David Butts, it was a diagnosis of stage four cancer, and during treatment, reflecting on patience and overcoming anxiety. Dr. Butts is in remission now, and his comments on his period of stress will reach many people, either in physical treatment, emotional treatment or wanting to begin to pray and not knowing how and when. No matter your situation, each Day begins with helpful comments or a story, a prayer and a point to make. 

For example, in Day 3, “Peace Be With You,” we read from Daniel 10: 19 about not being afraid, and then Daniel is in the lion’s den protected by angels. Day 5, “An Honest Appraisal” is about fighting fear and uses the 23rd Psalm as a picture of peace you can hold in your mind. Day 22, “Live At Peace With Everyone,” concerns trying to live with your neighbor and uses Isaac from the Old Testament, as an example. Isaac had to move his family several times in order to find peace, and when it came, it was because the other side was tired of causing problems. Patience has its reward. 

A book of this size is just right to begin daily prayers for yourself or with others. You are not alone, and when you encounter a life situation, such as fear, you can refer to the passages in the book for guidance. At the end, there are four pages of quotes on peace. A book of prayer guidance can be useful for students going to college for the first time, friends in the hospital, or during moments of stress in your life. Sometimes, the written word in a quiet place, is a calm, in itself.


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