What Comes Before

Eternity’s Account: Rulers
by Julie Bryson and Catherine Sharpe,
Eternity Account,
2018, Paperback, pp. 354, ISBN: 1982055316 and ISBN 13: 9781982055318. $ 16.99              .

”Eternity’s Account: Rulers” is Book Four in this series.  Previous books are “Stories of Fire,” “Kingdom Lost” and World’s Collide.” Young Adult Books.


Imagine deciding to write a series of books for young adults and deciding that a maximum of four books would be the series called “Eternity’s Account.” This is what authors Julie Bryson and Catherine Sharpe originally wanted to do.  They discovered that the Number 3 highest-earning book genre is religious, and the Number 4 is fantasy.  Now, with Book Four, “Rulers” they find themselves about half-way through their original plan with a book series that is religious and fantasy.

The concept of this series is what the world was like way, way back at the beginning.  To create their world of this type, the authors give God the name of “Owr,” and with a large glossary, invite the readers into their realm.  This is Book Four, and the reader does not have to have read the preceding three books to get into the story line. Just when you think you know a person, there are italics to show you what they are really thinking. Reference Na’aman who is a queen and the wife of Baal. Outwardly, she appears haughty, but inwardly you read, “Sometimes, I miss the simple ways.”

Be prepared, to enter this world with an open mind because the names of “Baal” or “Azazel” or “Rahab” may not mean the same as what you are familiar with today.  “Owr,” the Leader is explaining how he created light, “I, Owr, am the perfect light…I pulled darkness out of my light to create life within my light. Life is what remained in my light.” 

A new world has been created and it is like weaving a tapestry with certain threads being the leader thread, while others have their appropriate place in the design. This reminds me of the 2017 film, “Phantom Thread,” starring Daniel Day Lewis. A master clothing designer has a lead thread in the cloth and if you start pulling that thread, gradually, you can unravel the material. Such is the design of “Rulers,” in that “Owr,” the Master Leader, knows where this thread is. As co-author Catherine Sharpe says, “Like Israel in the wilderness, it was about the journey.” 

Beautiful design on book cover and quality paper. 


Copyright 2018 Marie Asner