This book about vocation would work well as daily devotionals for any Christian. The ‘everyone’ is in the title for a reason.

Publisher: Authentic
Pages:       339

While the book is touted as a “guide for anyone who is trying to discern what their vocation might be,” and written by a Director of Ordinands and Vocations in the Church of England, it is too general for those contemplating ordained ministry – although its wisdom is practical and relevant. Indeed, the aim of the book is  to show how all Christians are called to a life of service, and what that looks like could be summarised by Ephesians 4:1 - “Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”

Very much written in the accessible, chatty style of John Pritchard, Walmsley’s cultural connections are spot on (one chapter is headed “Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them”) with references including Tim Keller podcasts, Christian classic books, websites, U2 and a Tony Robinson video.

In 73 tiny chapters, Walmsley steadily works his way through characters from Genesis to Revelation, drawing out lessons for Christian lifestyle, almost obsessively finding New Testament fulfilment of situations in the Old.

Beforehand, he introduces the idea of God’s call on us and then sets out the bible’s meta-narrative as context.

Such a broad sweep necessarily means skimming stories, so it can feel somewhat bitty, but he still regularly finds many noteworthy nuggets of wisdom, not least an excellent 5 pages on Jonah, and – a topic of great interest in the UK currently, in view of Black Lives Matter and the toppling of slave trader statues – gives very helpful background on what slaves were in the bible, as opposed to in recent centuries. This observation helps to make more sense of biblical mentions of slaves (or stewards as they often were – think of Joseph’s responsibilities in Potiphar’s household).

So this highly readable book probably works best as either a daily devotional or a rich resource for preachers of easy-to-find illustrations and insights. It would also be a terrific aid to give new converts or newly baptised as a well-rounded guide to the life expected of them.

Derek Walker