Be sturdy, reader, and forge ahead. Cailyn Lloyd writes with cliffhangers at the end of chapters. 

Quinlan’s Secret
by Cailyn Lloyd
Book 2 of “The Elder’s Series.”, 2020 Land of Oz LLC
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-66464-4.
Hardcover, pp. 371. $12.45. Also available in Kindle.

Just in time for summer/fall reading is Cailyn Lloyd’s new book, “Quinlan’s Secret.” This is Part 2 of a trilogy centered in Wisconsin.  Book One, “Shepherd’s Warning,” introduced characters of that region and why they were there, history of the area, and what happens when a curse, hundreds of years old, comes to visit. In Book Two, we meet new people to the area and as in Book One, they are trying to set up a business for themselves and meet with obstacles, natural and supernatural. 

Be sturdy, reader, and forge ahead. Cailyn Lloyd writes with cliffhangers at the end of chapters. There are 78 chapters in Book Two, and many cliffhangers. This is a page-turner. Here is a continuation of what happens when people have to bond in order to achieve something. There are the new owners of a tavern, Josh and Kiera who have Ghost, the dog. Willow, a friend of Kiera’s, Rachel, a teenager with an interest in history and Lachlan, the mysterious stranger from Europe, who has an interest in this particular part of Wisconsin. Lachlan finds that Kiera, Willow and Rachel are “special.” This comes into play when strange things begin to happen in the tavern and various other locales in the area.  Where there is a dark tunnel or open trap door, be sure and enter alone. We go from present day to unusual history, and all in Wisconsin.   Earth tremors? Tornadoes? What is going on here? 

Cailyn Lloyd has been a storm-chaser and her descriptions of being in a tornado will take the reader on an adventure.  If you have ever stopped in a small town during a vacation and wondered what goes on after 5 p.m. or on weekends, you would be surprised. Each person in the area has their own private space and it is interesting to explore what they could be thinking. Having the characters encounter unusual situations keeps the action going. Some decisions have to be split-second. 

There are many things going on here and the reader may need to take a few notes along the way, as there is no chapter index or list of characters. You don’t have to have read the first book in the series, “Shepherd’s Warning” to see what has happened. “Quinlan’s Secret” gives the reader descriptive writing and the author’s ability to take the reader into another realm.  Book Three of “The Elders” trilogy is due out in 2121. 


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