A musical tale, an epic poem, all part of "The Inconsolable Secret."

Skallagrim In The Vale Of Pagarna
Stephen R. Babb
Hidden Crown Press
367 Pages



A long time ago in a far away land called Chattanooga a young bard sought to bring honor and glory to his King. First of all though just what is a "nooga" and why would someone want to chat with one, but I digress. Our young bard wrote not only a musical tale but also an epic poem, to coincide with or expand on the musical tale which was called "The Inconsolable Secret" and the poem was entitled "The Lay Of Lirazel."  Both endeavors did indeed bring honor and glory to his King and Master. Fast forward a good number of years and our young man feels compelled to continue this journey of music and words. What follows are plans for a trilogy of Glass Hammer albums accompanied by a trilogy or perhaps a quartet of novels following the story of the young man names Skallagrim.

Rather than building suspense in the telling of the tale, our writer drops us into the story much like the first great drop on a major roller coaster ride and doesn't let up for a moment afterwards.

I have found, at least for me, that in the telling of a great tale that the real world dissolves around me and I become one with the story evolving on the pages that I am reading. Much like the characters in the writings of authors like Matthew Dickerson, Jefferey Overstreet or Stephen Lawhead, the tale of Skallagrim does just that. Whether it turns out to be a trilogy of novels or hopefully a four book series remains to be seen. To me at least the more the better. Being in my early '70's I find the I am growing very picky about what I invest my time in, and an investment in the music and novels of Stephen R. Babb is an investment that is paying off in huge profits to my heart and imagination.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock