Face to Face with God as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothThrough a windshield and into greatness.

Face to Face with God: A True Story of Rebellion and Restoration

Jim Maxim, Forward by Don Wilkerson

Whitaker House

Jim Maxim's conversion in the early '70s was as dramatic as any documented by Dave Wilkerson in The Cross and the Switchblade but he was lead to postpone telling the story for forty years. Now the founder and president of Maxim Automotive and MaximTrak Technologies, which designs, develops and deploys technologies used by virtually every auto dealership in the country, the first part of Face to Face with God takes readers through Maxim's young adult life when his poor decisions sent him through his windshield and into a very dark coma. As dramatic as his conversion was, as miraculous as the story of how he re-built his life (and face!) are, it is perhaps that second half of the book that will be the most useful to ministries, especially those working with men rebuilding similarly shattered lives.

Part one, "One Yard from Hell" segues into part two, "Just Between You and Me" where Maxim lays out a sturdy framework for discipleship and Christian living that may well yield similarly successful results for those who faithfully follow its advice.

For more about Jim Maxim's current ministries, visit acts413.net