wayofthecrossJust in time for Lent, is a six-week study of Scripture and commentary from ancient Biblical scholars.

On the Way to the Cross
by Thomas C. Oden, Joel C. Elowsky and Cindy Crosby
Intervarsity Press, P. O. Box. 1400, Downers Grove, Illinois 60513-1426, PB, 112 pages, $10.00. 2011. #978-0-8308-3567-6
Just in time for Lent, is a six-week study of Scripture and commentary from ancient Biblical scholars, such as Augustine or Jerome. Each chapter, or Week, has a devotion for every day, beginning with Sunday. It starts with a standard Confession from the beginning of the book, then has a Scripture lesson from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. After that, is commentary or reflection on the Scripture from a scholar and a Closing Prayer. The style is similar to that contained in The Book of Common Prayer.
The time of Lent is a special time of meditation. This book is a guide for the 40-days of Lent and to enable the reader to have a personal quiet time with Confession, Scripture, Commentary and Prayer. My personal favorite is on page 85 and is a commentary on what the blind man may have said when Jesus restored his sight.  “From now on I am able to look at things that formerly I could only hear about…a short time ago I scarcely knew what Jerusalem was about. Now I see the temple of God glittering within it…“ 
Though On the Way to the Cross, is geared toward Lent, there are sections that could be used for other times of the church year or even special conferences.  I reference pages 32-37 about the Woman of Samaria, and Jesus’ words to her about water. Her testimony to the people of her town brought converts and is lyrically told in a poem called “The Woman Leaves Carrying Other Water (Romanus Melodus).” It makes that day complete. The book could also be used for group study during the Lenten Church Season and is a fine addition to one’s personal library.
Reviewed by Marie Asner