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Questions Muslims Ask
Author: Scott, Robert
Publisher: IVP Books

Since September 11th, there is an increasing need for Christians and Muslims to understand each other. Muslims have often heard that Christians worship three gods, or that the Bible has been corupted. This book is to help Christians explain their faith in a way that Muslims can understand. In his work with Muslims in central London, Robert Scott has discovered that many are quite open to talking about matters of faith. In this book, he explores common questions and objections Muslim friends have discussed with him. This book lets Christians better appreciate where Muslims are coming from. Ordinary Muslims can read this book to better understand what Christians actually believe, and why.  Subjects discussed include knowing an in comprehensible God, what sort of God can be murdered, how can we be sure of God, don't Christians worship three Gods to mention a few.  The book is well written and easy to understand.  However, this book just scratches the surface, but is a good start.

Shari Lloyd