Bearing the Image: Twenty Years of Image as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth. Almost seventy writers and twenty visual artists showcase the imprissive two-decade span of Image Journal's exploration of literature and art that grapses with the question of art and faith.

Bearing The Mystery: Twenty Years Of Image
Author: Various Writers
Edited by Gregory Wolfe
Publisher: Eerdmans
Pages: 428

Bearing The Mystery is a collection of poems, essays, short stories and fiction pieces from the first twenty years of the existence of the Image Journal, a quarterly arts publication which is headquartered in Seattle Washington. It is one of the, if not the, definitive source for literature and art that grapples with the question of art and faith. Contained within the pages of this book are the writings of almost seventy writers and over twenty visual artists.

Reading through the pages of Bearing The Mystery was at times like taking a cool refreshing shower and having my soul cleansed by the excellence of what I was reading. At other times I felt like I was sitting down to a literary banquet of a great steak dinner accompanied by a fine glass of mead. Contained within these pages are tales of love found and love lost, there are tales of the struggle of faith, not always tied up in a nice neat package with a happy ending. In short, these are tales of honesty and sincerity shared by a group of writers and artists who have experienced life head on and have come out on the other side, some well worn and others weather beaten.

To drop some names, herein are contains the work of such writers as: Wim Wenders, Franz Wright, Makoto Fujimura, Mark Heard, Annie Dillard and others too many to mention. In an age where much fiction writing within the Christian market can be subdivided to either end times stories based on very poor theology or Amish romance novels, ah those promiscuous Amish woman, Bearing The Mystery is a breath of fresh air, much needed.

Don't even hesitate to get this book and then subscribe to Image Journal also. By the way, they hold a yearly gathering called the "Glen Workshop" in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and South Hadley, Massachusetts. It is well worth checking out, their web site is

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock

5 tocks.

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{module Possibly Related Articles - Also search our Legacy Site}