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  I am far from the only one to call this a must-read book, especially for Christians, wherever they stand on the left-right spectrum and however they  regard same-sex attraction.

revelation1In graphic novel format, this depiction of the last book of the Bible dramatically places us shoulder to shoulder with John The Revelator.

Twenty years of 160-second thoughts to the nation - and somehow a passing history of the 21st century - are collected here in all their wise, empathetic, amusing and relateable glory.

Two Steps Forward Explores the lives of the four women that involved past experiences and the present.

Poseranity as reviewed by The Phantom TollboothTony Brown wants evangelical Christians to engage in a spiritual strip tease.  Brown wants self-proclaimed Christians be naked. 

foolproductimage largeIf it's true that you always hurt the ones you love, Sye Ten Bruggencate has some pretty deep affection for the non-Christian folks around him

This really fresh (read-anytime) Lent and Easter book brings you right alongside the young Jesus in his pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Bryan has an academic’s knowledge, a mentor’s enthusiasm and the helpful accessibility of a tour guide.

Burning Ember SB 90 “Make way for Mr. Bell, please.” Isn’t that Bob Bennett carrying his luggage?

IVP Kids Saint Nicholas, perfect for the young in heart

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