Behind the scenes, they are feeding an army.

In 2013, AudioFeed a new Christian music festival began, started by an energetic group of long-time Cornerstone Festival attendees who believed strongly that while it was time for Cornerstone to draw to a close, the need for a gathering of like-minded unconventional believers was as important as ever. 

Now in its fourth year, the tradition of rich independent media coverage continues as well. Feed My Sheep: The Ministry of Mama Linda & The Road Dog Cafe is a well-produced, just long enough documentary by Joel Swanson's TigerRAWK Films covering one of the most important aspects of any musical event; feeding its performers.

Here is the trailer:

For more about its production and the full documentary, visit TigerRAWK Films.

AudioFeed Music Festival takes place June 30 to July 3 at the Champaign County, Illinois Fairgrounds. For tickets and more information,visit the AudioFeed website.