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The Phantom TollboothHello again. Welcome back.

Sometimes you've just gotta bust out an album that you haven't listened to in forever, but you know has been enjoyed on down through the centuries.

tpt-90pxThe Crossing - August/September 2012

Hello once again. Welcome back to another installment of America's least known new music and movie release program.

tpt-90pxRemember when Brian Johnson, Angus Young and Malcolm Young and the boys from the land Down Under laid down the gauntlet and said something akin to the expression ‘Rock and Roll…it ain’t noise pollution”? I think the exact words were: “Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution…rock and roll ain’t gonna die…rock and roll ain’t noise pollution…rock and roll is just rock and roll”. Remember that?


tpt-90pxHere it is, my friends. The long awaited trip though February and March by way of The Crossing.

tpt-90pxThe Crossing - January/February 2012

tpt-90pxHello America and points beyond… Welcome back to the most covert music and movie release list you know of. There’s something you should know right off the bat: 2014 is no ordinary year. In fact, it’s a U2 year!

tpt-90pxThe Crossing - July 2011 (Freedom Has Its Benefits edition.)

Everybody staying cool?

tpt-90pxCool titles for crazy-hot times.

tpt-90pxHello again and welcome back to America’s favorite new music and movie release publication.

It’s where the gap between the most listed and the least heard and seen grows ever wider.

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