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tpt-90pxHello. Hope everyone is rocking and rolling along…

tpt-90px“Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets”

It may be cold and wet outside, but it's heating up on the music and movie release fronts. There's a whole lot of great stuff coming out in the not too distant future. Fans of music and movies should have no problem finding something to sink their teeth into. A look through this month's list should have one salivating at the mere sight of some of these artists' names. It will be up to the individual to decide to whom the salivating shall take place.


tpt-90pxThoughts on Springsteen, Shinedown and a multitude of upcoming releases.

tpt-90pxThe Crossing - November 2011 ('Expecto Patronum' edition.)

tpt-90pxThe Crossing - October/November 2012

tpt-90pxHello. Welcome back. Long time no hear or see.


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Hello again. Hope all of the readers of The Crossing are doing well out there.

tpt-90pxIf you don’t know what the ‘rally squirrel’ is, this clip will tell you everything you need to know:


NOTE: If all goes well, The Crossing - October 2011 should be up fairly soon...maybe I can get it in between innings. ;-)


Musically the year is winding down although there are a few cool things coming down the pike like a new Black Keys album in December. As far as movies go, things are definitely winding UP with all the movies getting proper release before Christmas including Harry Potter which will show up in mid-November.

Anyhow, watch this space...





"Been a long time since we rock 'n rolled...."

Under the Radar has taken many forms at a steadily accelerating pace. In mind-may, its soul employee outlined a long winter of cut back hours and Uber driving which finally lead to a new, exciting path forward toward their desire "to be the leading voice in curating and championing well-crafted, faith-inspired music."

Read all about it and watch a very transparent video by Dave Trott here.



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