bombay-dub-orchestraBombay Dub Orchestra releases an impressive collection of world fusion songs sure to set the standard for future world music releases. 

Title: Tales From the Grand Bazaar
Artist: Bombay Dub Orchestra
Label: Six Degrees
Time: 9 tracks/59:17 min.

Just how global do you like your world music? Tales From the Grand Bazaar seems to have been recorded on a truly international scale, taking in the sounds of cities from Istanbul to India to London. At times the music really feels more like it is orchestrated than dubbed – with grand sweeping schemes that whisk you away to far off places. “The Orange Terrace” starts the album off with a nice laid-back infectious groove that sets the tone for the rest of the album. As I listen to the songs, I really don’t hear one regional style dominate any one song – influences and instruments seem to be nicely melded on all of the songs. “Sea of Marmara” is a great example of this melding of sounds – there are so many stringed instruments that I can’t even identify in there mixed with piano and vocals on top of a mid-paced groove. When I think of “world fusion”, this is the true fusion that I envision: Rai, Asian Underground, Goan Trance, Jazz, and a whole host of styles too numerous to list. Tales From the Grand Bazaar works as good “deep thinking” music or even as the backdrop for a gathering between good friends.

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