A standing room only crowd of avid fans, myself included.

Ponies Will Bite You
March 17 2016

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1

New York City, NY


The Rockwood Music Hall located on the lower east side of Manhattan, at least to my taste, is the best listening room in New York City. The hall consists of three stages or rooms, each designed to hold acts of various sizes. Each room is acoustically perfect for the bands and singers that play there. As a matter of fact the debut album by "The Lone Bellow" was recorded in one of these rooms. On the evening of Saint Patrick's Day local act "Ponies Will Bite You" played a set on Stage 1 to a standing room only crowd of avid fans, myself included. The group consists of Shawn Forno on guitar and vocals, Janet Kim on violin and vocals and at least for this night Claire Wang on bass guitar. The styles covered during the evenings performance ranged from ballads to swing to Americana. All three players are totally proficient in their roles within the whole and blend together perfectly. This is an act that I would go out of my way to see anytime. The group played tunes from their album called "Argyle" as well as a number of new tunes in a too short set of just over forty minutes


Some of the songs played that night included:



"Galway Girl"



as well as a number of others. The website for the band can be found at www.ponieswillbiteyou.com



Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock