Two thoughtful, delicious days for Science Fiction/Fantasy literature fans.

November 2-3, 2018
Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sophia
Washington D.C.
Recently on my radio program I have been playing a tune from artist Trip Wamsley entitled "Lively Conversation With Like Minded People." This past weekend that title came to actual fruition when I attended a Science Fiction/ Fantasy literary convention courtesy of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Washington D.C.

It was a two day event filled with vendors, speakers and fans who came from all over the country. Friday night the convention opened with a clergy keynote talk on "Testing The Spirits: What Reality Would You Like?" This was followed by a reception and light refreshments of a very Russian/ Uzbekistan nature.

The trip back to the hotel that night was almost a veritable disaster since I missed one of the exits on the beltway and almost ended up going halfway back to Baltimore in a torrential downpour before I became aware of my mistake. Luckily all turned out well and I made it back to my hotel safe and sound.

The next morning came bright and sunny and the trip back to the cathedral went without incident. After opening remarks the initial lecture was entitled: "We Are The Ones Who Bump Back: Sacramental Monsters in the Fantasy/ Horror Films of Guillermo Del Toro and the Speculative Fiction of R.A. Lafferty.

Other lectures during the day were on the topics of "Horror: The Genre of the Sacred," "Science Fiction and the Myth of Progress: How C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy Uses Medieval Cosmology to Turn The Sci-Fi Genre on its Head," "Space: Where Hope Meets Despair," and also "Unity and the Return Of The Great Man in Frank Herberts Dune."

Backtracking somewhat, Saturday morning began with a call and response chanted prayer service call "The Akathist." The best way for me to explain this is through an analogy. Toward the end of the book "Perelandra" by C.S. Lewis where the hero Ransom attends the coronation ceremony of The King and Queen of Perelandra, suddenly Ransom becomes aware that an entire years has passed by. After attending The Akathist I now understand it. Don't ask me how but I just do.

Saturday night the convention closed with a Vespers service in the sanctuary of the Cathedral followed by a wonderful dinner once again , but of course, featuring sumptuous Russian/ Uzbekistan food.


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Doxacon Seattle is scheduled for February 16, 2019.