Cloverton in Concert as reviewed in Phantom TollboothFaith is often found in a place where energy and emotion collide. This place is where Cloverton performs their art on stage.

Live at the Cup ‘O Joy
Saturday, April 20, 2012
Cup ‘O Joy, Green Bay, Wisconsin 

Hearing Cloverton over the airwaves immediately reminds the listener of offerings from the first LP by Third Day or various works of Eli. Watching Cloverton perform reminds the viewer of the excitement in witnessing a strong storm on a wonderfully warm summer evening – electric and pulsing between clashes and booms of lightning then the quiet before the next surge. 

As Jeff Boyte, the opening act, worked through their set I entered the artist’s lounge at the Cup ‘O Joy, a Christian concert house in Green Bay, Wisconsin to talk to the band’s members. Members of Cloverton, an up-and-coming pop Christian band with two dominant EPs over the past two years, relaxed in a way only faith can provide when about to share your gifts to a large audience. In this case the house was packed to capacity. As we talked while members of the band discussed their set list I witnessed their close comradery, full of fun and faith with energy to expend beyond normal limits. 

An energy emitted from the band to the audience from the moment Cloverton walked onto the stage to the conclusion of their set. Beginning with the emotive energy of lead singer Lance Stafford on piano, acoustic guitar and accordion and continuing with Layne Stafford on bass, Kirby LeMoine on drums and Josh Svorinic on guitars the band was tight to the tune and lose to have fun. Both music and lyric presentation showed deep rooted faith and emotion while a light comedic flair between offerings kept the audience close to the band’s message.
From the set’s opener, "The End Is The Beginning," to the finale, "Father’s Love," the night sparked with emotion and hope. With "The End Is The Beginning," Cloverton’s current hit, showing great pop sensibility. Selections from both Cloverton EPs included "Send Down Your Grace," "Take Me Into The Beautiful," "Hope inside" and "Be Lifted Higher." Their set included hymns and popular Christian songs with "Blessed Assurance," "O Taste And See," "Someday" and others. Musically, each offering was tight. Emotionally, each offering was meaningful.

Lance Stafford’s stage presence and natural humility make for an immediate crowd connection. This along with the Cup ‘O Joy’s close artist-to-audience atmosphere made for an electric evening – unique, fun, faith filled.

Faith is often found in a place where energy and emotion collide. This place is where Cloverton performs their art on stage. Oh, come taste and see!
Scott S. Mertens


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