Le Roar in concert, as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth.I am Le Roar. Hear me play.

Le Roar @ The Jewish Mother
Norfolk, VA

Imagine if Johnny Greenwood, Neil Peart, Adam Clayton, Chris Funk and the love child of Roberta Flack and Pink formed a band and then drenched themselves in James Brown's funk music, then you would begin to form an idea of how the band Le Roar sounds. Most bands can be described by the tried and true formula sounds like blah, blah, insert band name. But every so often a band comes along that just defies description; it would be like trying to dance with the Golden Gate Bridge. So I won't even begin to attempt to describe their sound. It has to be experienced. Like love you can't hang words on what it is you have to be enveloped by it to understand it.

Le Roar is not afraid to let a song go past the stand 3-4 minute format, feature a Kaoss pad in songs, have their guitarist become a percussionist or their lead singer go ape shit on electronics. They create music for musicians. Watch out hipster royalty Le Roar is about to go all Robespierre on you all's Bourbon asses. A band like this cannot be stopped. I highly recommend seeing this band now before they blow up and the intimate settings they are playing now expand to bigger venues. The energy, creativity and passion of Le Roar was resplendent tonight. They were not the headliners, in fact they were the first of three bands and they drew the biggest crowd. Hell I don't remember the names of the other bands. Tonight Le Roar were Le Roi.

Aaron C. Anderson