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A standing room only crowd of avid fans, myself included.



project86atcoj1Kudos to the crowd for knowing what to do when Project hits the stage.

phattyAmidst the upheaval and changes 2012 finds in the U.S., Purple Door Arts and Music Festival embraced local resources and time-tested values to successfully forge ahead.

Rev. Season 2 DVD cover. The UK's favourite vicar grows into his job, but still has issues...

 Rev. Samual Dixon Presents The Voices of FreedomMy Soul Says Yes holds up as document of one shepherd's musical vision for his flock that  should continue to inspire for some time to come. 


There’s no weak link in this musical chain, as they navigated through the better part of two hours’ worth of stunningly-played classical/chamber/jazz …

Rock of Ageless: Stryper Soldiers on Three Decades Later

rock the lakes Billy Graham CrusadeThis was clearly a game changer for many and those attending were asking for many more like this please!  

Roger McGuinnAn artist who can name-drop '60s musical legends with ease, his solo show is a look back at the amazing talent and grace that have brought him this far.

searching4'Searching For Sugar Man' is an Oscar-nominated music documentary like no other that demonstrates the truth of Jesus' statement in John chapter 12 verses 24 & 25

John Sebastian courtesy of www.johnsebastian.comJust how many like John Sebastian are left nowadays? Just as many as there ever were. Jamie Rake takes in a local appearance by this musical legend to discover the answer: Zero. There are none like John Sebastian.


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