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Jazzy, outrageous, unpredictable Big Band music featuring everything from two ‘Mr. Eds’ to Frank Zappa….

EISLEYLIVE copy The last train to Trolleywood runs through the valley, with Eisley providing the live music.... and we have the pictures to prove it.

Eisley half width w copyright. New York City's Bowery Ballroom is almost invisible at street level – it's only once you enter, go down the stairs, and eventually back up to the concert space that you realize how much more there is to the place than meets the eye. Kind-of like the headlining act of the night – Eisley.

Festival of Praise Fred Hammond. Fred Hammond's posse of top-tier is the biggest sould gospel concert draw of 2015.

title card R copyWarmth and love for a cold, cold world.



From the lush, propulsion of “Blue Ocean” to the relentless near-grunge pop of “Mask Machine,” the band played a steady stream of crowd-pleasing songs…

For King & Country is playing the big rooms much to this reviewer's surprise.

 If the hippies of the 1960's-'70's Jesus movement revival had not gotten hold of contemporaneous musical Christian expression when they did-and had the business infrastructure for the music would up supporting it- groups like Forever Be Sure could be what's now considered contemporary Christian music. And that might not be such a bad thing at all.

gene-schmidtBetween his home base in the Dairy State, having a hand in the Christian songwriting community in Tennessee's capital and working in Eastern Europe, he certainly gets around.

GB 12 Flora by Jonathon Watkins. Freak storms fail to quench the Greenbelt spirit as thousands celebrate art, faith and justice

greenbeltThe original Christian music festival had a mountain of quality content this year as it continued its Faith, Art, Justice  strands.

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