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Keith Cooper In Concert as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth.

In Keith Cooper there is truly a gift.

Kevin Roth. Roth’s songs are of subjects accessible to the audience and you can go along with his voice and instrument to a different place.

Emotion seems to be squeezed through the instrument as Lang attacks the fretboard, grimacing and contorting his body in some kind of therapeutic ecstasy...

TITLEJLBBJonny Lang at BB King's: NYC – Febrary 15, 2012

JLTITLEIf you want to hear some nice guitar playing don't go see Jonny Lang.
If, on the other hand, you want to hear some visceral, gut-wrenching sounds from a guitar – if you want to hear a man's soul screaming out from a guitar amp ...well, then you definitely want to go to a Jonny Lang show. You see, Jonny doesn't play guitar – he has cathartic therapy sessions with his guitar. His guitar becomes his lover - and apparently, likes it rough.

Larry Crowne as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth

Larry Crowne is the perfect film to cleanse the mind of all the special effects, unbelievable characters, and forgettable plot lines that bombard the big screen during the summer.

Last shop 90How record stores had their day – or will they rise again?

LeighittleLeigh Nash at The Highline Ballroom

NYC – 1/7/12

lifest_2011 as reviewed in Phantom TollboothLifest continues to provide a consistent level of family-based entertainment and education, something that is lacking in our ever changing world.

Lifest 2014 as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooty Above all, friends, faith, and good food again made this event a key summer event.

Lifest 2012 as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth. Long live the Christian festival!

Love Song concert reviewed in The Phantom TollboothWinsome as the music were the stories behind it.

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