Oscar Statue The Oscars are Sunday and we will finally find out which of these films ranked above all others. Again, if you are filling out your ballot this info may be helpful in choosing the winner.

And the nominees are...



American Hustle
Will not win. It is a top 3 though. It has a great ensemble cast, fine directing, and an upbeat story line. The issue is that it is going to split the vote with other nominees and in essence ruin its chances.

Captain Phillips

Will not win. This was an adventure film that entertained well enough but it is too recent a story to make an impact. It is too forgettable. 


Dallas Buyers Club

Will not win. Though it does point a thin finger at government and stir the social pot it is a film that the Academy will not vote for. They nominated it to pretend to be activists but will not go any further. Matthew McConaughey got his message across loud and clear though so it already sort of won.



Will not win. I am glad it was nominated but I don't think it was mainstream enough to win. The academy likes to get behind line blurring stories but this one isn't Argo enough to trump the others. 



Will not win. I would love it to win but sadly the competition this year is far too vast. Being in Black and White is not an issue (they let a silent film win) but the premise seems too ordinary, even though it is far from it. One of my faves of the year. 


Will not win. Not enough pizazz. I am sort of shocked it was nominated over other films. It is a strong story with expert performances; but nothing that can pull an upset. 


12 Years a Slave

Will not win. Another top 3 film but splitting the vote with American Hustle will be its downfall. If I am wrong, and it has happened, this may win simply because The Butler was ignored completely opening up the gate for this story. The plan might have been to keep this the only American History film on the docket. 


The Wolf of Wall Street

Will not win. The academy will never let a film like this win. Not now. Maybe in the 70's or 80's. They like to appear to have a handle on their members and this film would make them look like they can be ran over. 









Will win. While all the others are splitting votes, trying to get their political and social messages across, and bombarding us with controversy, Gravity simply told a story with excellent style and grace. While the others are shouting this one simply whispers. And because of that it will win. 


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