2015January 15 - June 30 according to Marie Asner.
diorDior And Me  (documentary---R for language) Backstage at world famous Paris fashion house with new head designer and six weeks to go before the first  show.
insideoutInside Out  (animated---PG) Story of five emotions in a young girl’s mind and how they help her cope with life.
jupiterascendingJupiter  Ascending (science fiction/fantasy---PG 13) Creative look a space royalty hierarchy and how it affects Earth.
Mad Max: Fury  Road (fantasy---R) Remake of the “Mad Max” series in post Apocalyptic world of Australia.
maxMax  (PG) Story of military dog who grieves loss of his handler in Afghanistan (bring hankie).
2ndbestexoticMH Second Best Exotic  Marigold Hotel (PG 13) Continuation of first film story and this time involves planning a wedding.
Seymour: An  Introduction (documentary---not rated) Actor Ethan Hawke’s homage to a  favorite music teacher. 
termgenTerminator Genisys (R) Clever restart of the "Terminator" franchise and Arnold Schwarzenegger steals the film.
WomeningoldWoman in  Gold (based on true story---PG 13) Helen Mirren searches for stolen family painting from WWII and how to retrieve it.
*Could Be In The  Running:
At this time, the following films  have not yet been screened for critics.
Minions---  the animated feature with the creatures from the “Despicable Me”  films.
Mr.  Holmes--- has Ian McKellan as an aging Sherlock Holmes with failing memory who tries to solve one last case.
The  Tribe--- about life in a school for the deaf has been collecting good press.
*Worst  Film:
San  Andreas (PG 13)---cheesy special effects and enough rescues by Dwayne Johnson for five films.