Marie Asner’s Pics of The 5 Best Films, Books, CD for First Six Months of 2016

I Saw The Light---Tom Hiddleston knocks the role of Hank Williams out of the park with his own vocals and guitar work in this biopic of the famed country western singer. Rated R.

Captain America: Civil War---Beneath the action sequences is a story of friendship and loyalty. Acting is good, too. Rated PG 13. Stars include Steve Evans and Sebastian Stan.

Dark Horse---A documentary that plays like a regular movie about a group of people in a small Wales town who purposely bred a race horse as a small investment only to have a winner on their hands. Rated PG.

Midnight Special---Michael Shannon is the father of an unusual child and various groups are after them. Rated PG 13.

Race---Stephen James plays Jesse Owens in this biopic of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and prejudice was high. Rated PG 13.

Love & Friendship---Kate Beckinsale, usually an action star, takes the role of a Jane Austen character to witty heights. Rated PG 13.

The Nice Guys---Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling make quite the detective team in this 1970’s film of the brains and the brawn who go after the bad guys.

Worst Film
This is an unusual year because there hasn't been a “worst” film so far, but Alice Through The Looking Glass comes close. Did not care for the first one and Helena Bonham Carter’s over-the-top performance as the Queen. The second film (hopefully not a third one) is just as opulent. Promotes the question: why was it made? Rated PG 13.

Best Books
Rust by Corbin Bernsen is the story of a minister who walks away from his calling to visit his hometown to try to solve a mystery.

Longing For God by Richard J. Foster and Gayle D. Beebe has a collection of short bios of church leaders from 100 AD to the present. Readable and interesting anecdotes on church history.

Best CD
Awakenings by Kevin Roth (The Dulcimer Man)---had an opportunity to see Mr. Roth in concert, also, and his professionalism and musical ability are a winner.

Extra---Made For TV
The Story Of God---6 part series from National Geographic has Morgan Freeman as the narrator and speaks in depth of subjects as Miracles or Creation. Rated PG 13.


Marie Asner