A look back through our archives for past coverage of a musical great now appearing in heaven.

As reported by CCM Magazine, "Singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, producer and Ragamuffin Rick Elias passed away April 2, 2019 in Nashville after a several month long battle with brain cancer."

Danl Blackwood took the picture, left, back in 1999 as part of his coverage of The Legend Tour's appearance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The acts included 8:28, Greg X. Volz, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, David Meece, Farrell and Farrell, Bryan Duncan, Dana Key, and the Ragamuffin Band. 

Don't miss the article's accompanying photos, posted here, in place of the Geocities link in the archive.

Learn more about Elias' storied career and how to contribute to his medical fund on his website.