The year 2020 has turned into a disaster for movie theaters, but the faithful fans, though not going to a theater, are viewing in the comfort of their homes.

Best and Worst and Independent Films of 2020

The year 2020 has turned into a disaster for movie theaters, but the faithful fans, though not going to a theater, are viewing in the comfort of their homes, with their popcorn the way they like it, and wearing comfortable slippers. For all the movie-goers out there, here is my Best Film, Best Independent Films Viewed and Worst Films of 2020 list.. Enjoy and be happy, healthy and safe. 

Marie Asner 


  • I---Best Films of 2020 Listed in Alphabetical Order
  • 2---Best Independent Films Reviewed in 2020 in Alphabetical Order
  • 3---Worst Films of 2020 in Alphabetical Order 

1---Best Films In Alphabetical Order

Das 5 Bloods---what happens when a group of men bond during wartime and later, money comes between them.  What is truth and what isn’t? Stars Delroy Lindo and the late Chadwick Boseman. 

God of the Piano---one of three films this year to deal with deafness, this one begins at birth, and the results of personal decisions.  Stars Naama Preis. Subtitles.  (also on Best Independent Film List) 

Louis van Beethoven---the last days of Ludwig van Beethoven (Louis) dealing with composing and deafness and the place of musicians in that time period. One of three films during 2020 to deal with deafness. Stars Tobias Moretti. Subtitles.           (also on Best Independent Film list) 

Mank---who really wrote the script for “Citizen Kane?”  This film goes through the life of the movie-makers at that time, including Orson Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz (nicknamed “Mank”). Rich in movie making of the 1930’s. 

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom---an adaptation of the play gives Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman a chance to act in the musical 1920’s when personalities sometimes clash between blues and jazz. 

76---a harrowing documentary on the 76 days of shut-down in Wuhan, China when Covid-19 was first realized to be deadly and rapidly spreading. A must-see.           (also on Best Independent Film list) 

Sound of Metal---as with “Whiplash” of a few years ago, an actor,  Riz Ahmed, takes on the role of a rock drummer. Success is hit in the stomach when the drummer discovers he is rapidly going deaf. One of three films in 2020 to deal with deafness. 

Tenet—Christopher Nolan gives the audience quite a ride in a world where time and bullets run backward.  Stars John David Washington. 

The Prom--- a smart musical about one’s identity and who comes to help during a young person’s dilemma. Stars Meryl Streep, James Corden and Nicole Kidman. 

Trial of the Chicago 7—What happened during the Chicago riots and the trial later.  Stars Eddie Redmayne and Mark Rylance. 

Also Ran:

 *also on the Best Independent Films Reviewed List

*Driveways is a poignant film of friendship and aging and one of actor Brian Dennehy’s last films.

*Effigy is a German film about a serial killer in the early 1800’s. Stars Suzan Anbeh.

*Recon tells the story of a small group of soldiers trying to survive in the mountains of northern Italy. Stars Alexander Ludwig from “Vikings.”  

Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot does it again, a great “Wonder Woman” and waiting for the third film. 


2---Best Independent Films I Have Seen In 2020 in Alphabetical Order

*also means on the Best Films of 2020 List 

*Driveways---the late actor Brian Dennehy’s put his personal touch on a film about friendship and aging. (CinemaWerks/Maven Pictures) 

*Effigy---a murder mystery set in 1820 Germany. Stars Suzan Anbeh and Elisa Thiemann,( Geek Frog Media)               

*God of the Piano—a film of how being born deaf has consequences. Stars Naama Preis (Steve Tisch School/ Film Republic) 

*Louis Van Beethoven---telling Beethoven’s story in flashbacks and dealing with a hearing loss in later life.  Stars Tobias Moretti (Film Movement)

River City Drumbeat---documentary on the history of a top-notch music group of pre-teens and teens (Owsley Brown Presents)

*Recon---stars Alexander Ludwig (“Vikings”) and Franco Nero in a harrowing story of hunted soldiers in WWII (Enderby Entertainment)   

*76---documentary on Covid-19 and the 76 days of shut-down in Wuhan, China when COVID-19 was first determined to be deadly (Esquire China/Ford Foundation)


Worst Films of 2020 Listed In Alphabetical Order

Artemis Fowl---  could have been a 30 minute clip

Borat--- “Bore”

Dolittle---the title says it all,  “Do Little”

Downhill---should have kept going

 Free Lunch Express—count the  minutes

 Greenland---could have been a 30 minute episode

 Horror Films such as: “Behind You“ (keep looking)---Deep Blue Sea 3” (again?)---“The Grudge” (bad vibes)

Sonic The Hedgehog---long commercial

 Superintelligence---missed the mark

Underwater--- should have stayed in the depths

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