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2012 Oscars. It’s 2013 and Oscar is 85 years old!   

The Auschwitz Exhibit is an emotional experience and reminds you that this is happening around the globe right now. 

Baptizing the Imagination conference poster. In a time when so many Christians consider a piece of dribble such as "The Shack" a wonderful piece of literature it did my heart and mind good to be there.

AnSarah Baquet Interview on Phantom Tollbooth interview with Sarah Baquet on her freshman release Keep Me

Photo by Nick Jensen

From ghost writing for celebrities to creating his own worlds, Jeapes' brain is plainly worth exploring.

The year 2020 has turned into a disaster for movie theaters, but the faithful fans, though not going to a theater, are viewing in the comfort of their homes.

Top-10It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, and always, entertaining.

Cindy Morgan Bows  The Gray Havens Fire and Stone  forBrothers Fool  Jess Ray Sentimental Creatures  Ben Pasley Elemental  Joel Ansett

Another year, another flood of exceptional faith influenced music from artists that are a bit off the beaten path - which nicely fits the Tollbooth's distinctive style...with a free download!

“Indie Films” means those who forge ahead and hope for the best.

Riki Michele Push 90x90 Well, 2015 is half-way over and we've been listening to some music that we think you should also.

Blue Like Jazz Rough Cut as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothSteve Taylor strikes again - his film adaptation of Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz is headed to your local theater in early 2012. Bert Saraco talks about the rough cut of the film....

Bruce Cockburn. Derek Walker caught up with Bruce Cockburn to quiz him about his music, but among the talk of Bono, biopics and big issues, he got unexpected Big Bill Broonzy quotes and behind-the-scenes news on Bruce's nose-blowing.

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