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Jason Gray in concert as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothAaron Shust, Jason Gray, and Downhere exceed expectations in New Jersey, but Marc Martel, who won the right to front Queen's 40th anniverary tribute tour, brought down the house.

merrry-christmas-90pxThe writers' picks for Christmas cheer.

Bryn Haworth Onstage. The bluesman talks about early days at Island Records, work with prisoners and his life-defining experience.

Webb & McCracken Inteview 08/12/2012A discernible chemistry which is readily apparent 

Welcome to the world of the working professional. Director Michael Damian's latest work, Flicka: Country Pride. Checking in from Bucharest, prolific up-and-coming director, writer, actor and singer Michael Damian discusses filming his latest work, Flicka: Country Pride, and his upcoming projects.

Descerning the Times: The Need for Spiritual Discernment with Warren Smith, Sarah Leslie, Pastor Larry DeBruyn as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothIn these evil days of ever-increasing ear tickling, Smith, Leslie and DeBruym are among the voices desirous of keeping the remnant alert.

 The Western Church seems to be content with thriving on poor art and second rate propaganda--if you don't believe me listen to K-Love or go see any of the "God Is Not Dead" films. The Eastern Orthodox Church, on the other hand, is concerned about honoring God through the creation and dissemination of great art and literature, making Doxacon a perfect fit.

"A veritable feast for the heart and soul"

duke special liveIn a world where the corporate music factory is killing talent and creativity, you could argue that Duke Special is a model for how musicians should work in the 21st century.

With eyeliner defining his eyes and his head part-shaven and part-dreadlocked, he doesn’t need a global marketing machine to give him an image. Character and talent are the twin traits that get him business.

escape-to-the-lake2Music, Faith, Community, and Creation.


Grandfather Rock featured in The Phantom TollboothKeeping Rock & Soul Gospel fresh, streaming it live. Grandfather Rock answers 15 Tollbooth questions.

greenbelt-sculptureFor a 40th birthday party, this year's Greenbelt Festival was surprisingly low-key on looking back, but it left plenty of good things in its wake.


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