edgeoftomorrowThere is a ton of Sci-Fi action in Edge of Tomorrow and fans of the genre will eat it up.

Edge of Tomorrow

One tag line for the new Tom Cruise Sci-Fi action flick Edge of Tomorrow is “Live. Die. Repeat”; and that certainly sums up most of the film. Still this one offers a lot more than just a Groundhog Day experience and serves up some pretty solid action and acting from the principle stars. As with any movie of this type you certainly can’t think about it too deeply or the holes become overtly apparent. But if you want a “grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride” summer film, this one is the ticket.

When an Army Officer named Cage (Tom Cruise) is tossed into battle to help save Earth from an enemy alien he soon finds himself caught in a time loop. This is where the “Live Die Repeat“ element takes over. Cage is able to reset each day simply by dying or being killed. After doing this several hundred times he is soon able to learn patterns, predict what is coming, and hopefully come up with a battle plan. When he finds a Special Forces warrior (Emily Blunt) familiar with his condition they join together to help destroy the alien attackers.

The thought of re-watching a story line over and over again may seem tedious to most average film goers. This style of film I like to call Groundhogging (in reference to the popular Bill Murray film Groundhog Day) can get a bit monotonous. Luckily the writers and filmmakers knew this as well for just when you think you have had enough of the Live Die Repeat the movie starts offering other key components and assumes you get the point and can move on. It never leaves the core of its story but doesn’t drive you crazy with it. Plus the great special effects and truly unique alien creatures hype up the action and visuals nicely. So even when you are reliving a moment there are things to keep it fresh and exciting.

Cruise is a good choice for this role instead of some simple minded slab of meat with muscles. He is a seasoned actor who understands the need to advance and adapt with his character. You watch him grow mentally and see his countenance change as he becomes more familiar and confident with his mission. It is subtle but believable. It gives a depth to Cage and makes him relatable. Also Tom has a witty delivery, and delicate charm about him that adds some humor and personality to the role. He doesn’t simply read some lines and then shoot an alien. This charm and warmth is also needed for his relationship with Blunt’s character. She is a trained killing machine who can’t see past the mission. Cage is able to soften her up a bit mainly due to what Cruise brings to the table.  

There is a ton of Sci-Fi action in Edge of Tomorrow and fans of the genre will eat it up. The aliens are fast and furious yet move with a dancer’s grace. They are brutal in their goal to wipe out the human race. The film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language and brief suggestive material. There is very little blood and the language and banter is what you would expect from military soldiers written by Hollywood. Other than the scary images parents should feel fine with their 13 year old seeing this with pals. I give it 4 out of 5 wake-up calls. Normally I am not a fan of time altering films but this one brought a full package, including solid acting and spot on special effects, that made up for any short comings. 

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