InnocenceHollywood is certainly taking advantage of the Young Adult book market.


Hollywood is certainly taking advantage of the Young Adult book market. There are more and more films coming out based on novels familiar to readers, mainly female. Innocence is the latest movie to hit the big screen. But do not expect to find this right next to the Hunger Games and Divergent titles on the book shelf or the comparison charts. The story is unique and would probably make for a decent read but the translation to live action misses the mark.

Beckett Warner (Sophie Curtis) is a young girl struggling emotionally with the loss of her mother. Her father (Linus Roache), a famous writer, moves her across the pond to start a new life at an upscale Manhattan preparatory school. She makes a few friends including the hunky Tobey Crawford (Graham Phillips). But she soon starts realizing that the staff may be a bit out of the ordinary, yet who will believe her? Even the school nurse (Kelly Reilly) who at first seems motherly begins to get a tad shady and may be the one behind all the creepiness. The movie escalates into an ending that is lackluster and sadly predictable.

The film may have been better received as a USA movie ormaybe even on the Sci-Fi network. It has an obvious made for television styling and plot line. Curtis is believable and isn't to blame nor is the talented Kelly Reilly. The acting is solid but the script is sophomoric and tries too hard to be dark and moody. There are other films like this and they also failed to succeed. That doesn't mean that there isn't an audience for it and in the right element may even be enjoyable. A sleep over party with blu-ray and popcorn? Sure. But not box office ticket money.

Innocence is rated PG-13. Think TV-14 and you get the idea. There are some dark moments and an underlining of the occult. Some of the imagery and more tense moments are certainly too much for pre teens. Again, once it hits the on-demand list it would be a decent rental for a high school get together but most other audiences will feel cheated and find much of it hard to swallow.


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