iseeyouinmydreamsWe have seen Blythe Danner play the supporting role splendidly. But can she carry an entire film?

I'll See You In My Dreams
PG-13  |  92 min  |  Comedy, Drama

In select theaters May 22nd.

We have seen Blythe Danner play the supporting role splendidly. But can she carry an entire film? We get the chance to find out in the geriatric Drama-Com, I'll See You In My Dreams.

Carol Petersen (Danner) spends most of her days in the same fashion. She has a set schedule of gardening, drinking wine, reading, and playing cards with her friends. When a sudden tragic event rattles her routine she begins to branch out and explore what else life has to offer. Things really spice up when she meets Bill (Sam Elliott), a suave, free spirit who seems to know how to truly live. These changes get Carol out of her shell and back in the game.

This is a sweet movie that shows how one woman decided to take control of her future and discover that she has a lot left to give and to explore. Danner is fantastic and grounds the character into the story line. She doesn't over play the role or try to move and breathe outside her age bracket. This isn't a fantasy about someone doing things that are inconceivable. Instead it is a relevant and believable piece of fiction. Carol is a simple woman who has a lot of life left to live. The film shows her going through highs and lows. It doesn't sugar coat her world but shows that real life deals some hard hands sometimes. Bottom line is that Danner conveys all the emotion that comes with that perfectly.

It is also enjoyable to see Sam Elliott have fun with a character. He is always the man's man and with the voice and eyebrows he can still deliver the "smooth". As with Carol, Bill is not trying to recapture his youth but instead live out his life taking advantage of the finer things. They are both comfortable in their demographic. The supporting cast includes 3 very funny and talented older women. June Squibb, Rhea Perlman, and Mary Kay Place prove that there needs to be more roles in Hollywood for ladies like this. Writer/Director Brett Haley pens a script that gives them all a chance to shine and then steps back and expertly directs them in each scene.

I'll See You In My Dreams is rated PG-13 for sexual material, drug use and brief strong language. There is nothing crude or offensive in this film. Granted it is made for older audiences and the experience might be lost on younger viewers. It is the perfect date night for married couples or those needing a little reminder that life does hold lots of living. I give it 3.75 out of 5 munchies. Heartwarming, sincere, and emotional. With a good dose of smiles.

Review - Matt Mungle @themungle

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