The End Of The Story

 The Story Of God Television Series
Conclusion of the National Geographic Series, “The Story Of God” narrated by Morgan Freeman
Episode 5, “Evil” and Episode 6, “Miracles”
Running Length : 50 Minutes for each episode
No rating given: but could be PG 13

Unfortunately, The National Geographic episodes 5 and 6 of their “The Story Of God” series, was not available to be viewed by the press. Therefore, here is a summary of what is intended. Per each Episode, Morgan Freeman has gone around the world asking questions about religion including the topics of an afterlife and how the world was created and by whom.

Episode 5, (to be viewed May 1) “Evil,” continues the asking of questions with exactly what is the root of evil? How has the idea of evil evolved through the centuries? Were religious beliefs brought about by the need to control evil?

Episode 6, (to be viewed May 8) “Miracles,” ends the series by asking if miracles are real? Many religions are brought forth, and continue, by the idea of a miracle. Just how does a person define a miracle? So the conclusion gives the viewer a tablet of questions to ponder from the six topics of Beyond Death, Apocalypse, Creation, Who Is God, Evil and Miracles. A heady brew, indeed.

The three episodes I reviewed, “Beyond Death,” “Apocalypse” and “Creation” were well done with Morgan Freeman asking appropriate questions and the guests being given time to answer the questions. Photography and locale aided in this presentation of ideas.

“The Story Of God” is a six-part weekly series on The National Geographic Channel, Sunday evenings and began April 3, 2016. This will be shown on National Geographic Channels in 171 countries, in 45 languages and in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo. Each 50-minute episode is a separate study of faith and a belief system going from the ancient Mayans to Christianity, Judaism, Hindu and Muslim. Actor Morgan Freeman is the narrator and interviewer in the series. The first episode (April 3) was “Afterlife” and Episode Two (April 10) was “Apocalypse.” After April 17’s Third Episode, “Who Is God?“ came “Creation” (April 24), and then “Evil” (May 1) and “Miracles” on May 8. No rating, but could be PG 13 for subject matter.

Copyright 2016 Marie Asner