National Geographic Channel 2016 TV Series

Mars Episode 1: Novo Mundo

No rating, but could be PG 13 

Plan B 

It’s finally happened.  It is the year 2033 and a human crew is headed to Mars aboard the rocket Daedalus (name of a Greek god meaning "finely made" and he was the father of Icarus.) The flight is seven months. Plans are for them to colonize the planet. Interspersed throughout the series are visuals of space and a Mars surface. This series shows what is going on in space and then on Mars, and back on Earth where there is a 10-minute delay between transmissions.  Much can happen in 10 minutes until there are the important words, “I'm seeing a Red Planet.” 

We learn of the International Mars Science Foundation which has planned this venture using a rocket from SpaceX, that is retrievable. From the adventures of the crew, to the Earth base to the history of flight and space flight, the episodes are packed with information. All is not bubble gum and sugar for the crew, either on the flight, landing or beginning a base there. There are emergencies. In the meantime, Earth tries to solve problems millions of miles away, and everything ends in a cliffhanger. Just like in the movies with a great soundtrack, too. 

This episode has some heroic comments, too, such as the following: We no longer name space for gods, but take our place among them. We leave our home and build a new one (Mars.) (Amelia Earhart’s quote) The adventure is worth itself. We went into the darkness so you could find the light. The recognition that we are just beginning and not a multi-planetary species. There are 1000 ways to take off in a rocket but only one way to land and succeed. 

About this time I was ready to salute my television set. The special effects are very well done and puts the audience with the crew in the rocket and on Mars. Different design with the space suit that usual.  With Elon Musk the originator of SpaceX, I expected more information from him, rather than remarks. Other interviews include James Lovell, Commander of Apollo 13 and statistics about life in space such as your body will lose 10% of body mass and calcium. 


*National Geographic Channel TV Series “Mars” is part fiction of the first human crew to cross the void between Earth and Mars and try to live on the red planet. One part of each episode concerns the crew and their adventures, while the other part is back on Earth with reactions to what happens to the crew.  We also have comments from Elon Musk, who is the originator of the SpaceX that tries to retrieve the rocket that is expelled from the take-off of a rocket.  This is to limit cost. There are six episodes in this series. The first episode, “Novo Mundo,“ has the take-off of the rocket ship “Daedalus” and elation on Earth at this success. The first 50-minute episode airs on Monday, November 14, 2016 on the National Geographic Channel and continues through Monday, December 19, 2016.  Director is Everardo Gout. Composers are Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Cinematographer is Damian Garcia. The cast for the fiction section includes Oliver Martinez, Alberto Ammann, Ben Cotton, Kata Sarbo and Nicholas Wittman. Episode 1 (November 14, 2016) “The Uprooted” Episode 2 (November 21, 2016) “Grounded” Episode 3 (November 28, 2016) “Pressure Drop” Episode 4, (December 5, 2016) “Power” Episode 5,December 12, 2016 “Darkest Days” Episode 6 (December 19, 2016) “Crossroads”

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