Films of 2016

Ten Best Films of 2016
Compiled by Marie Asner
Celebrating 35 Years As An Entertainment Reviewer


Listed In Alphabetical Order


A Monster Calls---A young boy deals with an ill mother, stoic grandmother, bullies and then finds a special friend. Bring hanky.(PG 13)


Arrival---Science fiction with a heart and it takes a woman to figure it out. Go girl. (PG 13)


Captain America: Civil War---Even the comic books are rebelling these days, but friendship is always there.(PG 13)


Certain Women---Montana has a life of its own that involves four women just trying to get through each week. (rated R)


Eagle Huntress (documentary)---The sport of royalty becomes the sport of anyone who can catch and tame an eagle. Great camera work.Subtitled. (PG)


Fences---Denzel, don‘t plan on retiring soon. The screen needs you for a long time.(Rated R)


Jackie---Brings back remembrances of that day in history when, in the U.S., time stood still for a moment and shed tears. Where were you? (rated R)


La La Land---Back to the Hollywood musical, Cinemascope and all. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone bring romance and dance to the screen.


Lion---Two stories in one, survival and a new life.. Bring hanky.(rated R)


Manchester By The Sea---Dealing with loss is difficult and more so when it comes back to haunt. (rated R)


Also Ran


Dark Horse (documentary) (PG)---Just when you though you had it all figured out, you have a winner on your hands.


Dough (PG 13)---Working at a bakery and whimsical humor when you least expect it.


Hidden Figures (PG 13)---Tells the true story of the first African-American women to work in the U.S. space program. Intellect comes through.


Midnight Special (PG 13)---Space aliens aren't‘t the problem here, humanity is.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (PG 13)---This science fiction series will go on forever, and who cares? It‘s entertainment.


Star Trek Beyond (PG 13)---Film three and we haven‘t gotten enough of James T. Kirk, yet. Chris Pine nails it every time.


Sully (PG 13)---This film will make auto travelers out of many people who used to fly. Survival is possible with the right pilot


20th Century Women (Rated R)---This is Annette Bening‘s film and she shares it with Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig as three generations of women try to cope with life



Ten Worst Films of 2016
Compiled by Marie Asner
Celebrating 35 Years As An Entertainment Reviewer


Alphabetical Order


Basic Plot Horror Films---don't go there, don't turn out the lights, don't answer the door, don't take that lonely road at midnight in an old car, keep those car doors locked, have running shoes handy (films listed Rated R)
Lights Out: don't turn out the lights (no kidding)
Before I Wake: don't fall asleep (no kidding)
Blair Witch---still in the woods (no kidding)
Shut In---where is the sun when you need it.


Bridget Jones Diary--- (Rated R) What’s next for Bridget, Middle School Parenting? This attempt at propelling the story forward is a dud.


Ghostbusters---(PG 13) A sequel that should not have been made, and who is brave enough to say they had the deciding vote?


Gross-Out Comedy Films (Rated R)
Sausage Party (animated)---Gives the word "crude" new meaning.
Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates---no kidding? Who would have thought.....
Bad Moms---would you want your kids to see this one?


Masterminds---(PG 13) the minds of the masters were not at work here.


Mechanic Resurrection (Rated R)---this series is going in the wrong direction. Straight down.


Neon Demon (rated R)--Elle Fanning needs to choose her acting roles carefully. This one was gone in a flash.


Mr. Church (rated PG 13)---Eddie Murphy in a film that moves at a snail’s pace.


Swiss Army Man (rated R)---let the dead R.I.P. 


Through The Looking Glass (rated PG 13)---did Johnny Depp really think audiences would go for this one...again?? Apparently so.


Also Ran:


The Handmaiden (Strongly Rated R and subtitled)---storyline that goes in many directions and nowhere.


The Hollars (rated R)---dysfunctional family that can be summed up in the long-running trailer. Written and directed by John Kra