Episode Two shown January 23, 2017 - Heaven and Hell

National Geographic Channel “Story Of God II”
Morgan Freeman, narrator
National Geographic/ Revelations Entertainment 21st Century Fox 2017 

Each episode is 50 minutes in length
3 Episodes in this series

Episode Two shown January 23, 2017
Heaven and Hell 

Some say that Earth is between Heaven and Hell, while others say we live in Heaven now or it’s Hell now. In this episode, Morgan Freeman travels the globe to find how people experience a touch of “heaven,” which could be a place or when one’s heart stops for a period of time. The opposite is “hell,” and exorcisms.  In the New Testament of The Bible, it is written about demons being cast out by Jesus or his disciples and the demons even spoke to Jesus, as in the story of the swine on the hill, where they asked to be put into a swine herd.  

One place on Earth that seems to have been built for peace is Angkor Wat, in the Far East. Now, in ruins, it was built thousands of years ago and covers a wide area. Climbing to the top of a tower, shows a serene view and in the Hindi religion, this could be the place close to Heaven. It was built for the Lord Vishnu of the Hindu religion. 

On the other hand, there is a personal experience with Heaven, as experienced by Krista Gorman, who “died” while giving birth to a child. Her vital signs stopped and she was clinically dead, but Krista was in another place and visiting a tropical paradise from the air. She describes a waterfall and green forest.  Eventually, her heart is started and she “comes back” to the hospital, but with vivid memories of this place. Did Krista actually visit Heaven?  My personal experience was also in a hospital setting and I found myself away from the ER and in a peaceful place. My heart had stopped. I did not want to return, but when my heart was started, back I went. As with Krista, it is a vivid memory. 

For Episode Two, there is a lot of ground covered and Freeman allows the persons involved to tell their story while he patiently listens. This is their time. Almost a conversational tone in these Episodes, as though the talks were in your own living room. Next week, will be the last Episode and Freeman goes for “Proof of God.”  Is it a still, small voice? 

As with the previous “Story of God,” direction, cinematography and music are excellent. 

National Geographic and 21st Century Fox have joined to produce this series. The series will run on television where over 730 million people, in 171 countries and 45 languages will see and hear it. The three episodes are “The Chosen One” (January 16, 2017), “Heaven and Hell” (January 23, 2017) and “Proof of God” (January 30, 2017.) The organization called (NGP) returns 27 percent of proceeds to the nonprofit National Geographic Society to fund work in the areas of science, exploration, conservation and education.  For more information see www.nationalgrographic.com or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin and Pinterest. 


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