Veggie Tales - SweetPea Beauty as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothVeggie fairy tales on true beauty roams widely through the source literature.

Veggie Tales SweetPea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart (DVD)
Big Idea

In this tribute to seemingly every fairy tale ever crafted, the writers at Big Idea give us two stories and a short on this DVD. "Snoodle-rella" portrays Madame Blueberry as a fairy godmother to the title character. In an homage to Dr. Seuss, the rhyming narrative details Snoodle-rella's makeover, the manner in which she catches the king's eye, and ultimately, their future together.

The Veggie Shopping Network is selling "Pants" to the viewer in the format of a Silly Song.

"Sweetpea Beauty" is our feature. Queen Blueberry wishes to be the fairest in the land. A deceitful mirror and a minstrel (portrayed by Mr. Lunt and very reminiscent of Monty Python) assure her that she most certainly wears that title. Meanwhile, SweetPea is falling in love with the Prince (Larry the Cucumber). SweetPea is banished, escapes in Rapunzel-like fashion, and is aided by Seven Snowpeas.

SweetPea takes a nap and is captured by the mirror, whose goal is to wear the crown. This being Veggie Tales, Queen Blueberry is convicted by her wrongful actions, and her regret leads to SweetPea being revived. You can guess the rest. The lesson is that "whatever is in your heart will be what you see on the outside", and is built around I Samuel 16:7. Nichole Nordeman sings "Beautiful for Me" as the credits roll.

The companion CD, SweetPea's Songs for Girls (11/23:49), is so brief that it should have been packaged with the DVD. Three songs from previous works, "I Can Love", "Thankfulness Song", and "Think of Me" pop up again. "Lost Puppies" is funny (at least the first time), and "Where Have All the Staplers Gone?" will remind older listeners of a certain Neil Diamond/Barbara Streisand duet. "Brahms' Lullaby" gets some new lyrics as well.



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