Ten Best Films of 2017 Listed in Alphabetical Order
Compiled by Marie Asner
Celebrating 36 Years as an Entertainment Reviewer

Blade Runner 2019 (rated R)---an elegant continuation of the original film, and this one, also, has script, soundtrack and special effects to intrigue the audience

Darkest Hour (rated PG 13)---Gary Oldman immerses himself in the role of  Winston Churchill and the future of England never looked so bleak as this time period

Dunkirk (rated R)---another view of WWII and this time from the viewpoint of soldiers and the sea. Photography is wonderful

Hostiles (rated R)---another viewpoint of American Indian relocation at the end of the 19th century, with sparse dialogue, but plenty of acting to tell the story. The film’s beginning will set you on edge.

Maudie (rated PG 13)---Sally Hawkins, who also stars in “The Shape of Water” runs away with this film as Maud Lewis, a disabled painter in Canada. You may not look at winter the same way again.

Phantom Thread (rated R)---Daniel Day-Lewis stated this is his last acting film. Oh, no, how can we forget “My Left Foot” or “Last of the Mohicans?”  This particular. story about the fashion world gives us insight into creativity and concentration.

The Shape of Water (rated R)---A fantasy conceived from an old science fiction film and now with love, compassion, humor and the color green.  Sally Hawkins (“Maudie”) shines in this film, also, along with Doug Jones.

Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri (rated R)---Murderer on the loose and no one seems to care, even the soundtrack has a hunting quality to it. Frances McDormand stars as a Mom on a mission.

Wind River (rated R)---another film of problems on an American Indian reservation and this time it is murder. As with “Maudie,” you won’t look at winter the same, again.

Wonder Woman (rated PG 13)---Gal Godet has made this comic book character come to life in all of its possibilities of achievement and facing down bullies. Bravery comes in all of us.


I, Tonya (rated R)---A tongue-in-cheek biopic of the life of  ice skater Tonya Harding,  robustly acted by Margot Robbie with Allison Janney as the mother-from Hades.

Jane (documentary, rated PG 13)---Beautifully photographed and story of anthropologist Jane Goodall who spent her life studying the lives of chimpanzees in the wilds of Gombe, Tanzania.

Lady Macbeth (rated R)---rising star, Florence Pugh shows us what life is like when a new bride finds out about her in-laws

The Man Who Invented Christmas (rated PG)---energetic tale of how Charles Dickens, played by Dan Stevens, came to write "A Christmas Carol."


Ten Worst Films of 2017 Listed in Alphabetical Order
Compiled by Marie Asner
Celebrating 36 years as an Entertainment Reviewer

Alphabetical Order

Group One: Let’s begin with the Basic Plot Horror Film with ingredients of not driving alone in the woods/desert at night, keeping that car in good shape so it won’t break down in the woods/desert at night, ignoring solitary cabins/houses in the woods/desert and finally talking to anyone with a chainsaw in their hands. Films are rated R.

Book of Henry---communicating with the dead isn’t always pleasant (rated PG 13)
Jigsaw---this dead keeps coming back and back and back (rated R)
The Bad Batch---always a rotten egg in the bunch (rated R)

Group Two: Now, we go to the Science Fiction/Fantasy films that promised special effects to either lull you to sleep or keep you awake. Your choice. Promises not kept. Films rated R.

Alien Covenant---the trailers told the whole story (rated R)
Flatliners---went to the dead and want to come back. Audience may debate this. (rated PG 13)
Geostorm---yawn, all special effects and no substance (rated PG 13)
Get Out---”The Man Who Came To Dinner” updated (rated R)
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Part 2---should have made just a vocal CD of the soundtrack (rated PG 13)
King Arthur---skewered view of ye olden tymes and swords and such (rated PG 13)
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets---add one more planet and the system goes kerplunk (rated PG 13)

Group Three: The Rest of the List
Baywatch---The Rock goes from one muscle bound movie to another (rated PG 13)
mother!---what was Jennifer Lawrence thinking to star in this convoluted movie (rated R)
Pitch Perfect 3---tried so hard...tried so hard (rated PG 13)
The Disaster Artist---James Franco shows us how to make a bad movie...again (rated R)
The Florida Project---no direction, no theme (rated R)
The Snowman---trying to find a murderer in Sweden...again? (Rated R)
Trip to Spain---another dreary road trip with two guys who should have stayed home (rated PG 13)
Woodshock---taking drugs is an electrifying bad experience (rated R)