Fathom Events place special films in movie theaters for limited times.

The Riot and The Dance
In  Movie Theaters on Fathom Events 2018
Director/Narrator: Dr. Gordon Wilson
Gorilla Post Company
80 Minutes
No rating, but contains scenes of animal violence
Available on DVD autumn of 2018
Part II, “Water,” coming in 2019

For movie-goers not familiar with Fathom Events, they place special films in movie theaters for limited times, such as the “Phantom of the Opera” from the Prince Albert Hall in London or a recorded special anniversary tour of a famed rock group. This spring, Fathom Events will show the documentary “Riot and The Dance” by Dr. Gordon Wilson. Dr. Wilson’s biology specialty is the study of wildlife and has a religious theme, also. God created certain creatures---just so---they could live in a special earth environment, such a turtle that lives in the Sonora Desert. Photography is wonderfully done and with the aid of Dr. Wilson’s narration, you see how a desert and a turtle or a snake can live “just so.” This documentary may make some people think of a career in biology. Even in one’s own backyard, is a plethora of animal and insect life to study.

The film begins in South Africa with bull seals living a robust life, then we travel to the Sonora Desert in Mexico to watch a puma. The north country has elk that have antlers growing at the rate of one inch per day. Antlers are really bone, so imagine carrying 40 lbs. of bone on top of your head.

Humming birds lay eggs that are almost microscopic they are so tiny. The narrator wonders if King Solomon had ever seen a hummingbird egg. He also has us notice that God must love the color green, it is everywhere in nature. Photosynthesis must have something to do with that!  We study weaver birds in Africa in nests that hang from trees like grocery bags.

It is the snake part that is interesting with comments on the deadly pit viper, and we learn their poisonous venom attacks the nervous system, so the prey’s lungs collapse and they suffocate. Some snakes can “fly” which is actually their ability to catch the wind and leap from tree to tree, sometimes 300 feet. We  see the deadly King Cobra,  and the narrator mentions that in heaven all will live in peace, so that means the King Cobra, too.

The photography in “Riot and The Dance” is what makes this documentary. From seascapes  to desert, the audience can see animals in their habitat and how they and the habitat co-exist. The point being made is that God created all and each has a niche in which to live. A continuation of this study will occur in 2019 when Part II “Water” will be released, and you can follow people as they dive and study creatures in that habitat.  

My comment is on the soundtrack, though no composer is listed---having the “William Tell Overture” for the bull seal segment was reminiscent of the Lone Ranger and did not do justice to the photography.

Copyright 2018 Marie Asner