Where The Heart Goes

A Snow White Christmas
Stars: Michelle Randolph, Carolyn Hennesy, Liam McNeill, Colt Prattes and Rich Barnes
Director: Kristin Fairweather
Scriptwriter: Paula Rahn
Composer: Edward Grenga
Cinematographer: Terrence Hayes
MarVista/Monarch Films
Rating: not rated but could be PG
Running Length: 90 Minute 

The holiday season for films is under way. This is one of three films toward the end of 2019, that I will be reviewing concerning the Christmas season.  “Country Christmas Album” (G) was first, then comes “A Snow White Christmas” (PG) and “Last Christmas” (PG 13).  Certainly, popcorn and hot chocolate time. 

In “A Snow White Christmas,” Michelle Randolph (“The Witch”) stars as the girl with a step-mother (Carolyn Hennesy from “General Hospital”) you wouldn’t wish on anyone. What happens when step-mother wants something Michelle has is the basis of the story and Hennesy steals her scenes. The idea of following the theme of a fairy tale is not a new one, but with Paula Rahn’s script and Hennesy and Rich Barnes quips, a modern theme is brought to light. Greed with a capital “G." 

The story begins just before a special birthday for Blanca- (Michelle Randolph) --she gets her inheritance from her late father. Blanca’s step-mother, Victoria (Carolyn Hennesy) and her co-cohort, Zane (a scene-stealer, Rich Barnes) will do anything to get the money for themselves. Christmas means something special for Blanca---it is her birthday---and she decorates cakes. But that is lost on Victoria. Enter Lucas (Colt Prattes from “This Class” TV), a famous interior decorator Victoria hired to re-do the house.  He falls for Blanca, as does the local house painter, Hunter (Liam McNeill from “Manchester By The Sea”) To lure Blanca away, Victoria concocts a wild plan and the devious workings begin. In a new location, Blanca meets Hap (Naheem Garcia from “The Purge”) and his group of holiday musicians.  With mysterious happenings going on around Blanca, what is this poor girl to do? 

“A Snow White Christmas” is a holiday story with a definite twist. On the surface, it looks like a fairy tale with princess and prince, but underneath, is shown that the spirit of Christmas has been modernized with shiny trees, large, expensive ornaments and that achieving an important goal (having your house featured in a magazine) is what the holiday season is about. The town Blanca is now in, has a Christmas celebrated with friends, music, laughter and people helping people. There is a choice to be made. 

The music to “A Snow White Christmas” catches one’s ear with appropriate songs. Perhaps, there will be a soundtrack available? Food, especially desserts, are part of the story as Blanca loves to decorate pastries. Michelle Randolph as Blanca, gives us a girl who is oblivious to what is happening around her (hint: evil step-mother) and lives in happiness.  Carolyn Hennesy is the opposite, a woman who lives in the fashion world and whose only friend is the sly Zane, played by Rich Barnes with a Nathan Lane swagger.  The other two stars, Liam McNeill and Colt Prattes, don’t have much to do except stand by and let the rest of the cast do their thing.  All in all, the actors put on a good show. To quote a line from the movie, “Follow your heart’s direction, it is the best driver you have got.” 


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